To ensure accurate calibration of optical measuring systems and microscopes

Pattern Description Catalog Price Cart
**PS50 Micrometer Scale 50mm in 0.1mm divisions S21042 507.68
**PS150 Long Scale 150 mm in 0.1 mm Divisions S21043 612.68
**PS300 Long Scale 300 mm in 0.1 mm Divisions S21044 770.18
**PS500 Long Scale 500 mm in 1 mm Divisions S21045 1,473.68
**PS1000 Long Scale 1000 mm in 1 mm Divisions
S21046 2,339.93

**All of the above Long Linear Glass Scales can be purchased with Traceable Certificates separately. Please inquire for the cost of the certifications and the different types which are available.

This calibration stage contains four test areas comprising; 400 x 400 micron square grid, a 20 x 17 monosize array of 15 micron diameter spots, a Root-2 array of spots from 3 to 48 micron diameter, and a log normally distributed array of 100 spots ranging from 4.5 to 27 micron diameter. It is ideally suited for calibrating image analyzer systems and can also be used as a high precision micrometer.

Description Catalog Price Cart
Reference stage graticule 75mm x 25mm slide S21047 2,339.93

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