Optical Resolution Test Charts


These charts are used for assessing the characteristics of various types of lenses and optical systems.

This consists of elements of 5 bars ranging 1 line/mm to 18.0 lines/mm, the adjacent numbers indicating the number of lines per millimeter. It is produced on a 75mm square plate.

Pattern Description Catalog Price Cart
R67 NBS 5 bar test Ref 1963A. Chrome on glass S21037 234.68

Two patterns are available, 0-7 and -2-7, produced in accordance with the USAF Resolving Power Test Target 1951 Standard. Produced on a chrome surface image on a 51mm square plate.

Pattern Description Catalog Price Cart
R70 USAF Test Chart Groups 0-7 S21038 234.68
R71 USAF Test Chart Groups -2-7 S21039 213.68

A test pattern for projection onto image tubes, photo emulsions or photo electric devices to determine image acceptance capabilities.

Pattern Description Catalog Price Cart
R50 Baum image Recording Test Pattern S21041 234.68

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